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About us

The group of companies Raster has been working in commercial and industrial hygiene since 1991. We have become a large-scale supplier of disinfectants, raw materials and an important provider of disinfecting services for hospitals, catering industry, and other municipal industries. Our chemical products were among the first to be certified in the Russian Federation since 1994. As well as being Russian market pioneers, our products are also the most tried and tested ones: for the last 16 years they have been repeatedly and carefully tested in a range of conditions – from high-tech research laboratories to some remote country hospitals.

As well as disinfectants, we supply the market with related equipment and raw materials: containers for disinfection and sterilisation, indicators for thermal and chemical disinfection and sterilisation, batchers, electric and autonomous atomizers, aerosol generators.

Our Equipment Department is a leading centre for development of the new generation atomizers for the indoor disinfection – ultra disperse generators such as “Ultrasprayer R” (a patented invention). Our Equipment Development group constructed a highly durable universal electronic “Timer” – an accurate batcher DLN , which can be used for any type of storage of antiseptics. We sell this device to hospitals.

“DEO” – a manufacturing division of “Raster” group – produces tableted and liquid disinfectants as well as other types of cleaning solutions for specialised use. “DEO” has a modern research laboratory, where we develop new types of equipment and materials, and test and perfect the quality of the products that are already in use.

“PRODEZ” – the prophylaxis division of the group – conducts 4D treatments:

  • Disinfection (aircrafts, transport, food industry, anti-mould treatment of pharmacies, dentists, beauty salons, etc.)
  • Disinsection (extermination of cockroaches, mosquitoes, bedbugs, seasonal treatments of areas against ticks)
  • Deratisation of all types of industries as well as private households (the company has its own laboratory for developing and manufacturing bait for rodents; the bait is based on the original formula)
  • Destruction of odours (elimination of strong, harmful, persistent odours such as tobacco and other types of odours that occur in crowded places, putrefaction smells, etc.)

All divisions of the “Raster” group are certified by Bureau Veritas? In the system of the management of the quality of products and services ISO 9001:2008. They are members of the NOD (National Desinfectionists Organisation (Russia ) and the Ural Guild of the manufacturers of medical prophylactics and disinfectants.

We never stop perfecting and extending our disinfecting technologies experience. We have managed to persuade our clients that a systematic use of the inexpensive, modern, and economical chemicals and technologies is both efficient and cost-effective. We are aware of our responsibility and accountability to the society and our clients, and strive for high quality of our products and our services.

Our advantages:

  • Regular deliveries in the Russian Federation as well as Belarus and Kazakhstan;
  • Favourable delivery conditions to any location of the country;
  • Conveniently, centrally located and guarded warehouse, easily reachable by our clients and transport (private as well as freight);
  • A qualified and creative team available for consultations and clients support.

Yours sincerely,
Hoping for long and fruitful cooperation,
V. P. Putyrsky
General Manager of “Raster” group

Contact information:
15, Kluchevskaya st, 620109 Ekaterinbourg, Russia

Tél. :
+7 343 380 49 80

e-mail :

Our products

OOO “DEO” was the first on the Russian market to master the most difficult disinfectants manufacturing process, and produced tablet disinfectants based on dichloriocyanurates – “DEO-CHLOR”, “ECOCHLOR”, “DEO-CHLOR LUX”.

The components and products’ names are patented; this guarantees the uniqueness of the formula.

“Deo-Bakter” – a liquid broad-spectrum disinfectant.

“Deo-anti-mould” – an anti-mould disinfectant for building industry.

“Deo-chist” – a disinfectant for various equipment, glass, plastics, etc.

“Deo-univers” – a broad-spectrum product for cleaning vehicle salons and trunks.

“Deo-alpha” – a broad-spectrum product for deactivation and cleaning radioactive surfaces.

“Deo-tural” – a product for stabilising and deodorising mobile/portable toilets and cesspools.

“Deo-fresh” – a deodorising product for bio-toilet cisterns.

Other disinfectants & skin antiseptics


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