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Produced by OOO DEO, Russia.

Active agent:

Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride.


- removal and prevention of the growth of mould; removal of unpleasant smells from wooden, brick, ceramic, concrete, and other types of surfaces;

- treating the surfaces that are prone to be affected by mould;

- removal of moss from roofs, walls, pavements, monuments, tennis courts, and other places that can be affected by moss.

Fields of application:

- hospitals and clinics;

- educational & childrens institutions;

- saunas, spas, health clubs, beauty salons, laundrettes;

- catering industry;

- communal municipal facilities;

- public toilets;

- trade industry;

- administrative establishments;

- agricultural services;

- food industry;

- places with high humidity (bathrooms, garages, basements, cellars).

Main advantages:

- safe: belongs to the 4th Class of safe substances;

- non-flammable, non-explosive;

- does not lose its properties after freezing and defrosting;

- is included in the reference book Technology of the indoors anti-mould treatments, approved by the Head Office of the Federal Services for Safety and Consumers Protection of Sverdlovsk Region; Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate: of 13.04.2007.

Shelf life of the product and working solutions:

Product: 3 years from the day of production.

Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate: of 13.04.2007.

Instructions for use:

Prophylaxis and removal of moulds and moss from the surfaces of 29 May 2006.


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