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Produced by OOO DEO, Russia.

Active agent:

Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (18%).


Disinfection, decontamination, and cleaning of:

- indoor surfaces;

- furniture and other hard indoor décor surfaces;

- sanitary-technical equipment and other types of equipment surfaces;

- linen, crockery and kitchenware, toys, cleaning equipment, shoes, rubber mats, foot baths;

- ambulances.

Fields of application:

- hospitals and clinics;

- centres of infection (pestholes);

- educational & childrens institutions;

- ambulances;

- saunas, spas, swimming pools, health clubs, beauty salons, laundrettes, hygienic inspection units, and other service industry institutions;

- catering industry;

- communal municipal facilities and services;

- public toilets;

- trade industry;

- administrative establishments.


- bactericidal (including tuberculocidal);

- virucidal (related to flu viruses);

- fungicidal (related to dermatophytes and Candida).

Main advantages:

- effectively cleans albuminous deposits and other hard-to-remove substances from various surfaces (glass, metals, tiles, etc.);

- has a pleasant smell;

- deodorises; there are different fragrances to choose from: spring fresh, morning fresh, fragrance-free;

- does not contain chlorine;

- cares for various treated surfaces, protects metal surfaces from corrosion;

- working solutions are broad-spectrum and are effective against flu and TB viruses;

- indispensable for daily cleaning activities in hospitals and clinics;

- permitted for use during general cleaning practices.

Shelf life of the product and working solutions:

Product: 3 years from the day of production.

Working solutions: 14 days.

State Registration Certificate for Russian Federation: .1919.3.06 of 6 March 2006

Instructions for use:

6 of 18 October 2005.


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