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Produced by OOO DEO, Russia.

Active agent: natrium chloride of dichloroisocyanurate acid with active chlorine 1,5 g. (44,2%).


Disinfection of:

- various indoor surfaces, furniture;

- sanitary-technical equipment;

- linen, crockery and kitchenware, toys;

- hospital care equipment;

- medical equipment

- medical waste.

Fields of application:

- hospitals and clinics;

- centres of infection (pestholes);

- municipal facilities;

- catering industry;

- educational & childrens institutions;

- ambulances;

- public transport.


- bactericidal (including tuberculocidal);

- virucidal (including HIV infection and parenterally transmitted hepatitis);

- fungicidal (related to dermatophytes, Candida genus).

Main advantages:

- original packaging with the producers logo guarantees protection from counterfeit products;

- safety seal, silica gel, and a specially designed lid and a jar ensure safe transportation and storing the product for long periods of time;

- tablets weight, active agents, and solubility are stable characteristics, and are specified in the quality certificates which are enclosed with every consignment;

- the first patented Russian tableted product, based on European technologies and specially developed for the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS);

- the quality of every consignment is confirmed by the accredited laboratories of Rospotrebnadzor (Russian Federal public welfare and health services) our broad-spectrum solutions do not have any sediment, do not leave any marks on surfaces;

- the product has won awards;

- the product has been used for many years in Russia and CIS, and received only positive feedback;

- this product has also been adapted for home use.

Shelf life of the product and working solutions:

Product: 3 years from the day of production.

Working solutions: no more than 3 days.

State Registration Certificate for Russian Federation: of 26.10.2004

Instructions for use:

11-3 / 355-09 of the 27 December 2002.


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