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разработка и производство дезинфицирующих средств и специализированных чистящих и моющих средств



Produced by OOO “DEO”, Russia.

Purpose and application:

For public and private use for:

- cleaning and de-greasing hard surfaces and objects (computer screens, TV/video/photo equipment, glass, mirrors, keyboards, polished surfaces, clerical aids, glasses, office furniture, sanitary glazed and ceramic surfaces, white boards);

- cleaning specific surfaces in manufacturing and technology (quartz, glass ceramic, glass, silicic bases, metal connectors, optics, spectrophotometers, sensitive photo resistor surfaces, photodiodes, silicic microcircuits, and other sensory elements);

- used in radio-electronics and electrical engineering, for cleaning contacts, radio components, etc.


- cleaning;

- de-greasing.

Main advantages:

- economical;

- easy to use;

- easy to apply on the surfaces, does not have to be washed off;

- ready to use, does not require additional dilution;

- a good de-greaser, does not damage the surfaces, does not leave any marks and residues.

Shelf life of the product:

3 years.

Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate:

№ П .000848.03.03 of 19.03.2003.

Производство и продажа дезинфицирующих средств и оборудования.<br><br><br><br><br>

Производство и продажа дезинфицирующих средств и оборудования.



ООО "Фирма Растер" проводит 4Д обработки: дезинфекция, дезинсекция, дератизация, деструкция запахов


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