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Produced by OOO DEO, Russia.

Active agent:

Surface-active substances.

Purpose and application:

- cleaning glass, plastic, tiled, metal, rubber, wood, concrete, stone, painted- and varnished surfaces from organic and non-organic oils and greases;

- cleaning floors in sports centres, public entrances, entrances to garages and manufacturing industries, private entrances, storage units, rubbish bins and refuse chutes;

- removal of oil soiling from mechanical components, transmissions, wheels, tyres, etc.


- cleaning;

- washing;

- de-greasing.

Main advantages:

- ideal for both manual and machine cleaning (including high-pressure cleaning machines);

- effectively removes grease of different nature, poplar buds traces, insect traces, etc.;

- deodorises;

- has a pleasant citrus fragrance.

Shelf life of the product:

3 years.

Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate: .003590.12.03 of 22.12.2003.


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